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Government shutdown

Electrical Contractors Urge Congress, Administration to Agree on Continuing Resolutions

The National Electrical Contractors Association last week called on Congress to make every possible effort to avoid a federal shutdown. On Friday, NECA joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and nearly 240 groups in a letter urging Congress to avoid a government shutdown and take quick action to raise the national debt ceiling.

A shutdown would mean no bids could be submitted for federal construction projects, further delaying vital repairs to the country’s aging infrastructure. Payments for government contractors will be deferred, jeopardizing the finances of small businesses nationwide.

“The confusion and uncertainty caused by a government shutdown will only hurt the construction workers and the electrical contractors who employ them,” said Marco Giamberardino, NECA executive director, government affairs. “Our members are extremely disappointed by the political brinksmanship that has brought our federal government to this point.”

Healthcare Reform Impasse

NECA members are also disappointed by the role healthcare reform has played in pushing Congress and the Administration apart. “As signatory contractors, NECA members continually engage in labor negotiations for wages, benefits and health care. They know that an inability to come to an agreement with their labor partners will only hurt their company and the industry. For both employers and employees, meeting a customer’s demands is their priority. Our country is stronger than our disagreements over a single issue,” Giamberardino said.

NECA strongly urges Congress and the Administration to set aside their disagreements and swiftly pass a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government.

“NECA has worked across the aisle on comprehensive tax reform, infrastructure investment, and healthcare reform, and we stand ready to work with Members of Congress as they continue to work on these complex issues,” Giamberardino said. “Yet a commitment to our nation’s long-term economic health must come first. We need Congress and the Administration to agree on funding the federal government as soon as possible.”

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