EMCOR Supports Breast Cancer Screening

EMCOR Supports Breast Cancer Screening

EMCOR Group, Inc. has announced that for the fifth consecutive year thousands of its employees throughout the United States and UK will commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October by donning EMCOR Pink Hard Hats in support of the company's "Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today" campaign.

In five cities across the United States, employees and clients will wear EMCOR Pink Hard Hats and form massive Human EMCOR Pink Hard Hat ribbons, EMCOR’s “signature” event, creating powerful "Calls to Action" and awareness for the importance of breast cancer screening at key locations as set out below:

  • Yale Smilow Cancer Center, New Haven, CT, September 30
  • Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA, October 3
  • Alexandria Center for Life Sciences, New York, NY, October 10
  • Banner Health, Phoenix, AZ, October 15
  • USM (including a number of its clients), Norristown, PA, October 22

For the first time, EMCOR’s Pink Hard Hat Ribbon event will head to New York City where 350+ employees and its client, Alexandria Center For Life Sciences, will create the largest pink ribbon ever formed in the Big Apple.  EMCOR employees at other NYC locations will also wear Pink Hard Hats as a reminder of the importance of breast cancer screening.

Emcor Pink Hard hats

Additionally, thousands of EMCOR employees at subsidiaries across the U.S. will wear EMCOR Pink Hard Hats and Pink Hard Hat stickers at hundreds of construction sites, ranging from hospitals, roadways, malls, and high tech companies, to universities, military bases, and hotels.

EMCOR’s fleet of 7,000+ service vehicles will also carry the critical message of “Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today”, reaching millions of people every day, on streets coast to coast throughout October, by displaying EMCOR Pink Hard Hat posters.

“This is the fifth consecutive year that thousands of EMCOR’s employees have worn EMCOR Pink Hard Hats, challenging the ‘macho’ image of the construction industry, supporting family, friends, colleagues, and clients who have been and could be affected by breast cancer,” stated Tony Guzzi, president & CEO, EMCOR. “At EMCOR, the majority of our field employees wear a hard hat on a daily basis for personal protection, and we are proud of their commitment to wear a Pink Hard Hat during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help raise awareness of this disease and the importance of screening."

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