New UL Code Link Search Tool Unveiled

New UL Code Link Search Tool Unveiled

Free search tool identifies UL-certified products

Underwriters Laboratories recently launched Code Link, an enhanced online search tool for helping code authorities, designers, and contractors identify products that comply with particular installation code sections. Accessible by smartphone, tablet, or computer, Code Link is a free search tool that identifies UL-certified products that meet specific sections of model building codes used in North America and adopted internationally.

Users can search a variety of installation codes sections, including National Electrical Code, International Fire Code, International Building Code, Canadian Electrical Code, Life Safety Code (NFPA 101), among other and key Green codes: ASHRAE 189.1, CAL Green, and International Green Construction Code.

“Code Link fulfills a critical business need by meeting the needs of our regulatory stakeholders,” says Al Ramirez, regional manager, Codes and Advisory Service. “It delivers the information, resources, and services they need in a form that can be used with the devices they use in the field.”

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