PEARL Releases Revision 6 of Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standards

New standards detail technician qualifications, clarify importance of manufacturer specifications, and expand use of industry standard terminology.

The Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL) has announced the release of revision 6 of the association’s Reconditioning Standards for the most common types of industrial and commercial electrical equipment, including circuit breakers, transformers, motor controls, and switchgear, among other equipment categories. Highlighted changes from revision 6 of PEARL’s Reconditioning Standards include additional detail regarding suggested technician qualifications and the importance of manufacturer specifications for equipment performance, as well as expanded use of electrical industry terminology used by other electrical industry organizations, including IEEE and NETA.

PEARL Reconditioning Standards provide inspection, cleaning, reconditioning, testing, and documentation instructions that, when followed by trained technicians, will return electrical devices to "as good as new" condition without compromise. Electrical devices that meet PEARL Reconditioning Standards are then ready for installation and service, and will benefit from extended service life and reliability. The standards are organized by type of equipment or apparatus.

“The inclusion of technician expertise is particularly relevant as PEARL prepares to present the electrical industry’s first Technician Certification program to its membership during our annual meeting next month in Phoenix, Ariz.,” explains Stephen Reames, president of PEARL and Oregon Breakers, Inc. (Portland, Ore.), and co-chairman of PEARL’s Technical Committee. “Additional changes covered in revision 6 of the PEARL Reconditioning Standards also should make it easier to build a consensus standard as we work toward ANSI acceptance.”

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