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Rosendin Electric Named to InfoWeek 500 for Innovation in Mobile Technology

  Electrical contractor harnesses consumer technologies, Cloud services, and mobile applications to streamline construction operations

For the third consecutive year, Rosendin Electric, headquartered in San Jose, Calif., has earned a place on the InformationWeek 500 list of Top Technology Innovators for its use of consumer mobile technology to support managers at the construction site.

This year, InformationWeek recognized Rosendin Electric for its innovative integration of wireless technology, consumer devices, and cloud services to improve productivity on the job site. Rather than carrying the volumes of paper previously required, field employees now use iPads to check drawings, 3D models, and job specifications. Using mobile devices streamlines on-site processes and allows for constant, real-time communication with the entire project team. This approach increases QA/QC inspection accuracy and substantially reduces the time to identify and resolve any design and installation issues. Rosendin Electric has also harnessed the same technology to streamline procurement. Large shipments from suppliers or the company’s prefabrication location can now be tracked using QR and bar codes, saving time and resources.  

“Applying consumer and mobile technology to bring greater efficiencies to electrical design and construction gives us a competitive edge,” said Sam Lamonica, CIO of Rosendin Electric. “We have the advantage of being able to draw from the expertise of one of the best IT teams in the business, and our executive leadership understands the return that can be derived by investing in the right technology. The fact that we have received this honor from InformationWeek for three years running is a testament to Rosendin Electric’s commitment to innovation.”

In past years, InformationWeek has recognized Rosendin Electric for its new EDI platform to automate manual materials ordering and processing purchase orders and invoices, substituting paper processes with e-processes, resulting in time and cost savings. Further recognition was received for being one of the first companies to migrate from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional interactive BIM/CAD modeling system.

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