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Schneider Electric Announces Three New Data Center Services Offerings

Schneider Electric Operation Services delivers comprehensive vendor-agnostic services across the data center infrastructure.

Schneider Electric has announced the availability of three robust data center operation services offerings designed to optimize and simplify data center operations throughout each step of the data center life cycle. Vendor Management, Managed Maintenance and Facility Operations are a group of strategic, vendor-agnostic services that will use trained specialists to ensure critical facilities meet their design objectives, allowing managers to avoid costly downtime and focus on core business goals.

Aimed at maximizing equipment availability and reducing instances of downtime, Schneider Electric’s Operation Services offering comprises three levels of vendor-agnostic services, which help data center operators lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) and enable them to continuously maintain, operate, monitor, and optimize the data center throughout its life cycle. The Operation Services offerings provide the following services: 

  • Vendor Management: provides a standardized scope of work and single point of contact for the scheduling and dispatch of 24x7 preventative, corrective and emergency maintenance services across all critical infrastructure disciplines, using both OEM and third-party maintenance vendors.
  • Managed Maintenance: an on-site maintenance support service that builds on the offerings provided by Vendor Management and enforces strict change management protocols during the times when your facility is exposed to the greatest amount of risk.
  • Facility Operations: a specialized on-site operations and maintenance management program that has been created to meet the demanding requirements of the mission critical facility environment. A highly evolved program, the focus is on emergency preparedness and response, maintenance management, change management, documentation, safety and training, the program is standards-based, quality driven, customizable and scalable.

Services are available immediately in North America. Pricing varies based on the type and combination of services rendered

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