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Staff Compensation Survey Fills Gap in Architecture/Engineering Industry

PSMJ’s survey targets key benchmark data for professional and technical staff in the A/E industry.

PSMJ Resources, Inc. has announced the addition of a new survey to its lineup, the 2014 A/E Staff Compensation Survey, which is now open for participation.

“This survey, developed in response to the limited compensation resources available to the A/E industry, will provide key benchmark data for professional and technical staff. This is an opportune time for this pivotal study as compensation levels steadily climb past 2009 highs,” said Kate Allen, P.E., PSMJ’s Director of A/E Industry Surveys.

The A/E Staff Compensation Survey includes various engineers, architects, and other professionals simply based on their years of experience in the A/E industry as it relates to compensation data. The result is a comprehensive resource that enables firms to benchmark their annual compensation against peers, ensuring they remain aggressive in today’s competitive hiring marketplace. An essential guide for CEO leaders and HR executives, the final report of the A/E Staff Compensation Benchmark Survey Report will provide key benchmark data for positions that have been neglected in other staff compensation surveys.

PSMJ is expecting high levels of participation in the survey, due to the in-demand nature of the data.

“This new survey is profoundly meaningful and germane to A/E firms because it fills a significant gap in the industry’s benchmarking data. The 2014 A/E Staff Compensation Survey focuses exclusively on compensation studies within the architecture and engineering industry,” says Allen. The survey closes for participation Feb. 28.

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