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Steel ORCA to Provide the First Commercially Available 380VDC Space

The facilities design approach goes beyond PUE factors and focuses on the entire 'Chip to Grid' integrated power solution.

Steel ORCA, a provider of data center colocation and managed services, has announced in conjunction with its partners the first commercially available co-location space based upon the 380 VDC power topology.   

Located in the Princeton, N.J., metro area, Steel ORCA’s 42-acre, 300,000-sq-ft site is set to introduce the next generation of high availability data centers. The facilities design approach goes beyond PUE factors and focuses on the entire “Chip to Grid” integrated power solution. This is made possible through partnerships with a multitude of suppliers.

“This will be the first commercially available co-location facility in the USA offering a 380VDC power distribution”, stated Dennis Cronin, Steel ORCA’s COO. In today’s market, clients are demanding reliable innovation without the capital burden. To address these needs, Steel ORCA will offer both traditional as well as innovative solutions like 380VDC that eliminates nearly 50% of the components used in a traditional electrical distribution power train. As of today, Steel ORCA is offering 5,000 sq ft for 180 server racks (expandable to meet market demands), and to enable 380VDC availability on an as-needed basis to all clients looking for high availability solutions.

Thanks to the efforts of organizations like SDCS, the EMerge Alliance and their members, 380VDC products are now readily available from IT and facility suppliers covering the entire power train from the server power supplies to the electrical service. 


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