Time to Comment on TIA Related to Splices in Temporary Installations

2017 NEC allows open splices for temporary installations

Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) Log #1244 to NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, 2017 edition, revises Sec. 590.4(G). The comment closing date on this TIA is February 16, 2017.

As noted in a portion of the substantiation section of this TIA:

“The new allowance to the 2017 version of 590.4(G) allows for open splices for any temporary installation. This allowance used to apply only to construction sites when certain criteria were met. As written for the new edition, an open splice is permitted for any temporary installation, provided that similar criteria to the construction site rule are met. This leaves the AHJ no authority to reject an installation that is obviously a safety hazard and a fire hazard.”

As outlined in the Emergency Nature section of this TIA:

“The standard contains an error or an omission that was overlooked during the regular revision process. The proposed TIA intends to offer to the public a benefit that would lessen a recognized (known) hazard or ameliorate a continuing dangerous condition or situation.”

You can view the full text of the TIA on the NFPA website.

Note: A TIA is tentative because it has not been processed through the entire standards-making procedures. It is interim because it is effective only between editions of the standard. A TIA automatically becomes a public input of the proponent for the next edition of the standard; as such, it then is subject to all of the procedures of the standards-making process.

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