Why Every Electrical Professional Should Attend IoT Emerge

Why Every Electrical Professional Should Attend IoT Emerge

Real-world solutions for Internet of Things implementation and application

The IoT Emerge live event, to be held Nov. 2-4 at McCormick Place in Chicago, is the perfect opportunity for electrical engineers, electrical contractors, and plant facility personnel to get a handle on how the Internet of Things (IoT) will specifically affect their business in the next few years. An inevitable concept that will have a significant impact on the electrical industry going forward, IoT Emerge will demonstrate how savvy companies are already implementing IoT strategies into their business plans.

Featuring tracks in Industrial IoT, Smart Cities, and IoT Engineering and offering four keynotes, more than 30 sessions, workshops, live demonstrations, hands-on training, tours, peer-to-peer networking, and an expo floor, IoT Emerge will provide insight into how IoT innovators are reorienting their thinking and successfully addressing organizational readiness, leveraging data analytics, instituting security best practices, architecting dynamic infrastructure, and developing sensor-based networks.

The Full Agenda is currently available; however, following is a brief summary of sessions that may be of specific interest to the electrical audience.

• In “Smart Buildings Roadmap: Best Investment Opportunities and Strategies for Success” by Sheldon Oppermann, executive vice president of Compass Properties, LLC, attendees will hear the results of landmark research conducted by BOMA and the IoT Institute across the building ecosystem. The research provides unique insights and actionable information for building owners, managers, and other industry key players on the state of IoT implementation in buildings, challenges and opportunities, and guidance for achieving success in building IoT business cases, strategies, and implementations.

• “The Real Deal on Smart Lighting: How the IoT is Transforming Today’s Lighting Market” will provide a real-world update on where IoT is right now in this niche. Moderated by Chief Editor of Electrical Wholesaling & Electrical Marketing Jim Lucy, this panel of visionaries from the lighting market will discuss how IoT is reshaping the lighting industry as well as help attendees connect the dots from where IoT is right now to how they envision its role in the industry’s future.

• Since 2008, ComEd has paid out more than $330 million in energy efficiency incentives to commercial and industrial customers, generating over $240 million per year in annual savings for businesses of all sizes.  The rapid growth of technologies that collect and analyze building performance data is enabling ComEd to help its customers go beyond equipment upgrades to seek deep savings through better energy management. This panel, “ComEd’s Bold Pursuit of C&I Energy Efficiency,” will discuss the use of data analytics in driving energy efficiency, and present stories from customers who have successfully used these tools in their facilities - and how your organization can leverage them too.

• Presented by Rawlson King, communications director of the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA), “Cybersecurity and Intelligent Buildings: Strategies for Managing Your Risk” will present research that directly analyzes potential cybersecurity risks faced by owners and managers of intelligent buildings. The study specifically focuses on the extent to which cyber-attacks can arise from integrated building control systems as well as what steps can be taken to limit the likelihood of such incidents and their impact.

• In “IoT Risk to the Power Grid,” speakers Curtis Levinson, United States Cyber Defense Advisor to NATO, and Jennifer Smith, Esq., CIPP, shareholder, Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, PA, will examine the intersection of the IoT and SCADA systems as they relate to the security of our power grid. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the relationship of the IoT and the security of the power grid, how industrial control systems (SCADA) play a mission-critical role in comprising and supporting the power grid, the vulnerabilities inherent in devices (things) that are remotely controlled via the public Internet, and potential remediation to counter public Internet threats to SCADA devices that are key components of the power grid.

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