LED Case Study: Boston University's Track and Tennis Center

LED Case Study: Boston University's Track and Tennis Center

Boston University's Track and Tennis Center upgraded to LED high bay lighting, which is estimated reduce the center's overall energy use by 40 percent.  

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The Customer


Home to a variety of athletic practices and events, commencement ceremonies and more, Boston University's Track and Tennis Center required a lighting solution that was as flexible as the facility itself. Over time, the 127 metal halide fixtures from the original construction in 2002 had become outdated and required increased maintenance.

The Expectation


Boston University was in search of a lighting upgrade for its Track and Tennis Center that would improve light levels and reduce energy as part of its ongoing energy-efficiency initiatives. The University's Building Automation Services team knew they needed an LED high bay lighting solution. 

"We really did our homework and rigorously tested several lighting solutions before ultimately deciding on GE's Albeo™ LED high bay lighting fixtures," said Elijah Ercolino, the BU director of building automation services. "The benefits extended beyond the energy efficiency of the fixture—we were also fans of the modern aesthetic and exceptional durability for the application."

The Solution


The Albeo ABHX Series LED high bay lighting fixtures have a rated lifetime of 100,000 hours and provide greater foot-candle performance, helping increase light levels while further reducing energy use and maintenance burdens on the facility. 

Additionally, the Track and Tennis Center enjoys an integrated, smart lighting system that incorporates wireless controls, thanks to the dimming capabilities and precise control the Albeo lighting fixtures provide. Each of the seven unique zones of the facility has its own controls where light levels and on/off timing preferences can be controlled independently of one another, creating an infinitely flexible lighting solution that greatly reduces energy usage.

Results & Benefits


With its new Albeo lighting fixtures, the university expects to save an estimated 770,000 kilowatt-hours annually, which is a 40 percent reduction in the center's overall energy use. The fixtures not only produce greater energy savings, but they also cut down on maintenance costs. On top of these financial savings, the Albeo lighting fixtures have eliminated the noise created by the previous metal halide fixtures.

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