Avoiding Landmine Repairs, Part 2

Temporary oversizing of overcurrent protection devices can prevent huge production losses. For that reason, there can be great pressure to temporarily substitute an oversized fuse so equipment can run.

How can you avoid problems with this? First, contact your facility's insurer to see if such a thing is allowed under their policy and what conditions must be met. If they say it's not allowed under any conditions, then nobody at your company can force you to do it without direct orders from top management.

If your facility's insurer does allow it, the conditions will likely include:

  • Constant supervision: A power analyzer or monitor must be installed on that leg, with an alarm set for high current.
  • Limited operation: The condition is allowed for one hour.
  • Inventory correction: This is permitted one time for this equipment. After that, the correct fuses must be stocked on site.
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