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Avoiding Landmine Repairs, Part 4

In Part 3, we presented an example of  a temporary repair involving an HVAC unit that became permanent. This kind of situation arises too often. In most cases, its solution is really a matter of timing.

Get approval of the purchase order for the correct replacement first, while the decision-makers still have a crisis mentality about the problem. Then get the approval for the temporary fix. But note that purchase orders can be cancelled. To prevent this:

  • Document the shortcomings of the temporary fix, including projected downtime and any other ongoing costs.
  •  Develop a total cost of ownership comparison of the two fixes.
  • Develop a disposal, re-use, or resale plan for any expensive assets used in the temporary fix.

In the example of the 30-ton unit, what if your plant has an existing 30-ton unit that is 20 years old and showing its age? Now you can correctly upgrade two units.

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