Can You Name That Animal?

Thermal imaging technology, which shows heat through pictures, flags possible problems in your electrical system (like bad connections, overcurrent, bad insulation, or poor ventilation) before they cause major damage. Pinpointing electrical inefficiencies and worn out components before they reach the point of failure, infrared imaging equipment can also disguise the identity of some pretty cute critters.

See if you can correctly name all 10 animals in this photo gallery by posting your comments at the bottom of each page in the "Discuss This Gallery" section. Note: There is a hint for each animal's identity in the caption text below each image above. We’ll reveal the answers after we see your best guesses.

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Don't miss the special report, The Language of Heat,” by Tom Zind, on how to implement an effective thermal imaging maintenance program. This technical piece explores how to use infrared technology to assess the condition of commercial and industrial electrical systems and lay the groundwork for a reliable and effective preventive and predictive maintenance program.

Okay, it's now time for us to reveal the correct answers.

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