Canadian Standards Association References PEARL Reconditioning Standards in New Guideline on Electrical System Maintenance

The Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL) is pleased to announce that the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) will reference PEARL’s reconditioning standards, which include technical guidance on the inspection, cleaning, reconditioning, testing, and documentation of industrial and commercial electrical equipment, in CSA Z463, “Guideline on Maintenance of Electrical Systems.” Due to be released later this year, Canada’s new national electrical maintenance guideline will provide a concise set of documents that helps electrical system managers protect workers and property, as well as extend the life of their electrical equipment. CSA officials say PEARL’s reconditioning standards will be an important reference for the final electrical maintenance guideline.

“With the addition of advice on equipment reconditioning and use of refurbished electrical equipment to CSA Z463, the PEARL reconditioning standards were accepted as the best available standards in this specialized subject area,” says Dave Shanahan, CSA Z463 project manager. “For this reason, the CSA Technical Committee agreed to reference these standards as recommended practice in the new guideline.”

“CSA’s consideration of PEARL’s reconditioning standards underscores the importance of electrical maintenance,” says PEARL President Malcom Frederick. “We are pleased to serve as a resource in the creation of this very important guideline.”

The CSA Z463 electrical maintenance guideline follows the development of two other standards: CSA Z462, “Workplace Electrical Safety,” which is considered the Canadian equivalent of NFPA 70E, and CSA Z460, “Control of Hazardous Energy and Other Methods,”used for energy isolation and lockout.

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