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GE’s Emergency Response Program Continues to Support Hurricane Sandy Recovery

GE’s Emergency Response Program Continues to Support Hurricane Sandy Recovery

On-site field engineers can assist with product service needs or replacement of damaged equipment. Company can also provide support via capital lending program.

GE announced that its Emergency Response Program continues to support utility, industrial, and commercial customers impacted by Hurricane Sandy to restore and maintain power. Activated last week, the Emergency Response Program is providing customers with access to 24/7 phone and on-site service support, hotline product ordering, and expedited equipment delivery of GE’s comprehensive solutions for reliable power, including distribution transformers, critical power components, and software analytics.

GE's Emergency Response websites provide resources and guidelines to help customers evaluate and handle water-damaged electrical equipment. To speak with a member of the Emergency Response Program, customers who need electrical distribution products and services should visit the Industrial Solutions Emergency Response website. Customers who need transmission, distribution or critical power products and services should visit Digital Energy’s Emergency Response site.

GE also is providing monthly financing options to customers who need to retrofit or replace backup power equipment.

Last week, field service engineers were deployed to the impacted areas to assess the damage and recommend the best solutions. GE’s manufacturing facilities also have increased their production schedules to meet the demand for key electrical distribution equipment and components to expedite the delivery of electrical equipment to restore and maintain power.

“We have dedicated teams in place to ensure that we can help our customers get their electrical infrastructures up and running again,” said Bob Gilligan, CEO of GE’s Industrial Solutions business. ”We have resources in place to fully support our distribution channels. GE is committed to helping our customers restore power safely across the Eastern seaboard.”

“We know what it takes and are committed to helping our customers restore power and deliver it to those who need it the most,” said John Lavelle, CEO of GE’s Digital Energy business. “Our teams are working hard to rush new transformers, protection relays and other critical equipment to customers impacted by Hurricane Sandy.”

In addition to the customer support, GE also has donated $1.1 million to support relief and recovery: $1 million was given to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and $100,000 dollars was given to the United Way of America. GE’s contributions will provide immediate support to disaster response efforts and much-needed relief to those hit the hardest by the hurricane. In addition to the recent donation, the GE Foundation already has provided a $1 million grant to the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving. The program ensures an immediate response to meet the needs of people who are affected by all disasters.

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