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IEEE-SA Publishes Four New Standards

IEEE-SA approves and publishes four new standards

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) has approved and published four new standards in the IEEE 3000 Standards Collection for Industrial & Commercial Power Systems (formerly IEEE Color Books), which sets guidelines and establishes standards for virtually every aspect of power generation and distribution. Developed in order to support more efficient and safe installation, usage and maintenance of a variety of power systems equipment, following are the newly published standards:

  • IEEE 3001.8 – Recommended Practice for the Instrumentation and Metering of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems
  • IEEE 3004.1 – Recommended Practice for the Application of Instrument Transformers in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems
  • IEEE 3006.7 – Recommended Practice for Determining the Reliability of 7×24 Continuous Power Systems in Industrial and Commercial Facilities
  • IEEE 3006.9 – Recommended Practice for Collecting Data for Use in Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability Assessments of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems.

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