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Personal protective equipment (PPE) decisions are easier to make if you address each of six body zones separately. Starting at the top and working your way down, the first three include:



  1. Head: Your hard hat protects your head from impact, if the area between the suspension and the shell is empty. It protects your head from electrical shock if you don't plaster it with stickers. With the visor in front, your hard hat helps protect your face. In addition to your hard hat, you might also need a hood or face shield.
  2. Eyes: Wear your safety glasses in all areas not specifically designated as "eye glasses not required." For splash protection, wear goggles.
  3. Lungs: Proper ventilation and handling of solvents reduce the lung hazards you may encounter, but you may also need a respirator. Use one appropriate to the conditions; for information, look on the MSDS of the substance being used.
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