In the previous issue, we addressed three of the six body areas that may require personal protective equipment (PPE). The following are the other three:



  1. Arms, legs, and torso. PPE for these include special sleeves, coveralls, and suits.
  2. Hands. Using the correct gloves for the task can protect your hands from burns, punctures, and abrasions. Don't substitute for a specific glove recommended by the MSDS.
  3. Feet. In addition to reducing fatigue, good workshoes or workboots protect your feet from many common dangers. But sometimes you need additional protection. Look at where you’ll be working and think out the tasks involved. Is there a chance of freezing, burning, or crushing your feet?

For any of these body areas, wear what's indicated in your work procedures and the MSDS of any chemicals being used. If you're unsure if something is necessary, wear it anyway. It's better to wear something you didn't need, than to need it but not be wearing it.

TAGS: Safety
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