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Safety: Watch What You Put in Your Mouth

Swallowing is one of the three ways that a toxin can enter your body. But you aren't going to drink a glass of solvent, so swallowing isn't a danger, right? Suppose you handle something that has a toxic powder on it. Then, while you're thinking over a problem you chew a fingernail. Or maybe try to pick that irritating celery strand from between your teeth. Even if you never put your fingers in your mouth, simply handling food later can result in swallowing a toxin.

You already know not to eat or drink while working with toxins, but do you also know?

  • Don't put your hands to your mouth.
  • Before eating, wash your hands.

What if you or a coworker swallows a chemical? Before using any chemical, always review the product label and the MSDS so you know what immediate measures to take (or not take) if someone swallows the chemical. Remember, though, medical attention is still required no matter what you do.

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