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Safety: Work Gloves

Gloves can be uncomfortable and cumbersome. However, they can save your life. You probably already wear gloves to prevent touch shock, but do you wear suitable gloves for other hazards? For example, when pulling cable do you protect your hands from burns and abrasions? You can do this by wearing standard issue work gloves.

Another type of danger occurs when you're using chemicals. Toxins can pass through bare skin, into your blood, and then into fatty tissues and organs. The more this happens, the more these toxins build up.

Follow these steps when choosing gloves for protection:

  • Read the MSDS to see what gloves and other PPE are recommended.
  • Wipe your hands (gloved or not) on a rag, not your pants leg, and dispose of that properly.
  • Don't touch any other part of your body until you've removed (and disposed of) your gloves and washed your hands.
  • Contamination happens, sometimes. If you've been using chemicals and later have a burn, itch, rash, or swelling, seek medical attention.
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