Taking Care of Transformers, Part 6

Schedule the frequency of routine testing based on the criticality of the transformer. Despite the name, it isn't actually testing. You want to collect certain data and compare to the baseline data from acceptance testing and trend data points over time, watching for the trendline to change.

Collect data in engineering units. Rather than have a checkbox for "OK" next to temperature, record the actual temperature. This permits trending and prevents several problems.

Collect the following data.

All types of transformer units:

  • Time and date
  • Ambient temperature
  • Transformer temperature (preferably at a specific point marked for this purpose)
  • Maximum decibel reading
  • Load

Liquid-filled type transformer units:

  • Pressure
  • Oil level

Ensure the test form has a free text area for noting observations (e.g., leaks, smells, audible hum).

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