8508A Reference Multimeter

EVERETT, WA - Fluke Corporation, the world's leading supplier of test and measurement equipment, introduces the new Fluke 8508A Reference Multimeter, an 8.5-digit resolution instrument designed specifically for metrologists with superior accuracy over a wide range of

EVERETT, WA - Fluke Corporation, introduces the new Fluke 8508A Reference Multimeter, an 8.5-digit resolution instrument designed specifically for metrologists with superior accuracy over a wide range of measurements.

The Fluke 8508A is designed to serve as a versatile precision measurement tool for calibration laboratories that must meet increasingly stringent measurement uncertainty analysis requirements demanded by ISO 17025 as well as the need for increased productivity. The 8508A also allows metrologists to make a multitude of measurements with just one instrument, rather than the eight they typically use. In addition to measuring voltage and current for both ac and dc, and frequency, the 8508A also includes a host of other features designed to increase the range of measurements made while increasing calibration laboratory productivity.

"The squeeze between calibration laboratory productivity and the reduced number of trained personnel has become a crucial topic as metrologists are now faced with ever-greater performance and economic demands," said David Coombes, Fluke Precision Measurement product marketing manager. "Our clear understanding of this industry-wide dynamic was a primary reason to develop the versatile 8508A with a full feature set and remarkable ease of use," added Coombes.

The Fluke 8508A "W Plus function" opens a toolbox of ohms features to improve the accuracy of resistance measurements. The Ohm Plus function includes True Ohms using current reversal techniques, a Lo Current Ohms feature to reduce measurement errors due to self-heating within the device being measured, and up to 200 V compliance on high resistance ranges to improve resistance measurements.

The precision PRT temperature readout extends the 8508A's functionality into advanced temperature metrology. A ratio feature, with front and rear connectors supporting all 8508A functions and GPIB control, enables simple, fast, automated measurement transfers. High current measurement - up to 20 A - extends the operational range to address the many measurements metrologists need to make.

The performance of the Fluke 8508A gives metrology labs complete confidence and certainty with one-year accuracy as precise as 3 PPM and 20-minute transfer uncertainty of 0.12 PPM. Its clear control structure and context-sensitive menus provide a transparent, logical and intuitive user interface that requires minimal training, even for metrologists who are new to the profession.

Another exclusive feature is the new Fluke "Dual Paramatrix" display which provides the metrologist with detailed information about measurement parameters and results. This innovative design is constructed to ensure rapid, error-free access to complex measurement set-ups. The result is an easy-to-use tool that reduces mistakes and minimizes the need for additional product training. The Fluke 8508A/01 Reference Multimeter with ratio measurement is now available at a US List Price of $12,495. For more information about the Fluke 8508A, visit the Fluke Web site at fluke.com/calibrators, contact Fluke Corporation, P.O. Box 9090, Everett, WA USA 98206, call (888) 308-5277, fax (425) 446-5116, or e-mail [email protected]

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