The editors of Power Quality Assurance Magazine were alerted to the following errors:

The December 2000 article, “Power Quality Monitoring for High Reliability Systems,” contained two swapped figures. As a result, the captions did not correlate with the pictures, making it difficult for readers to understand the information. Shown at right are the correct figures and captions for Figs. 2 and 3, which appeared on page 35.

The cover story in the January 2001 issue, “Is Your Lightning Protection System What It Should Be?” also contained several errors.

  • The source for reference number 7 was not included. It is R. Golde, “Physics of Lightning,” 1977.

  • Lightning type (c), shown in the photo on page 10, should read “intracloud,” not “intrecloud.”

  • At the end of the first paragraph on page 12, the text in parentheses should read “25 ohms per NEC,” not “25W.”

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