Generac’s New Gemini™ Twin Genset Produces 750 Kilowatts of Power

Generac Power Systems has announced the release of its new Geminiâ„¢ twin genset with a rating of 750 kilowatts, produced by the combination of two 375 kilowatt gensets operating side by side within a single, sound attenuated enclosure

Waukesha, Wisconsin — Generac Power Systems has announced the release of its new Gemini™ twin genset with a rating of 750 kilowatts, produced by the combination of two 375 kilowatt gensets operating side by side within a single, sound attenuated enclosure. The new Gemini product is designed as a superior alternative to large, single engine units, offering increased flexibility and built-in redundancy at a significantly lower cost. All Gemini gensets will be covered by an exclusive 2 year / 2000 hour limited warranty.

The heart of the 750 kW Gemini package is its pair of 12.0 liter Mitsubishi six cylinder in-line diesel engines, each one powering a 375 kilowatt alternator through a Generac gear drive. The two prime movers are mounted side by side, facing opposite directions within a sound attenuated enclosure, with each engine’s service and maintenance points located on the outside of the unit for easy access.

The new package takes advantage of several of Generac’s key strengths as an innovative industry leader. First of all, the economics on a cost per kilowatt basis favor the use of two 375 kW engines to produce 750 kW, versus the higher cost of a single large engine doing the same job. These smaller engines are also easier to service than larger engines that require more specialized — and more costly — technicians, spare parts, and repair shop services. Secondly, Generac’s vertical integration means that the unit’s key components are Generac designed and built, including the gear drive, alternator, digital control panel, automatic transfer switch, sound attenuated enclosure, and sub-base fuel tank.

As a fully integrated standby power package, the Gemini genset features Generac’s PowerManager™ control module to parallel the output of the two generators, and programmable monitoring and control of the unit via Generac’s GenLink® communications software. The entire package has a footprint that is only slightly larger than a single 375 kW unit, making 750 kW of power available at a cost that is around 25% less than a conventional single engine genset of that larger size.

The Generac gear drive used in the Gemini product is a well proven system with numerous advantages. By converting the power coming from the engine to a rotational speed of 1800 revolutions per minute (the required speed to produce electricity at a frequency of 60 hertz), the gear drive allows the engine to operate at a higher speed, within its optimal operating range and peak power band. This keeps the engine operating comfortably for long-life durability, and also helps the generator more effectively handle sudden block loads. Generac is the only major company offering gear drive genset systems, giving its gear driven models a built-in advantage over competitors’ products that operate at 1800 rpm, where engine efficiency is often reduced and the response to block loads is naturally slower.

The Gemini twin genset joins Generac’s previously released Modular Power System in offering flexible, cost effective alternatives to large, single engine gensets. "We’re devoting considerable resources to developing innovative, high value products for the marketplace," says Jay Sugar, Generac’s Vice President of Sales. "The Gemini product and our Modular Power System are viable options for higher output standby applications. These products offer specifying engineers cost effective alternatives to satisfy their backup power requirements. It’s a powerful combination that covers the full range from 750 to 2400 kilowatts, and shows our commitment to serving this dynamic market with compelling solutions."

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Headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Generac Power Systems is a leading manufacturer of diesel and gaseous-fueled engine-driven power generation equipment, transfer switches, switchgear, and small engines for recreational, residential, commercial, communication, and industrial applications. Generac’s industrial gensets range in output from 3 to 2400 kilowatts.

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