Leading Edge Telemetry Announces Ground Fault Detector Product

Leading Edge Telemetry Announces Ground Fault Detector Product

Leading Edge Telemetry, LLC, developer and manufacturer of equipment to remotely monitor and control electrical assets, announced today the general availability of its ResilientTM ground fault detector. The ResilientTM ground fault detector remotely measures load voltage and detects leakage current between 2mA and 300mA.

The ground fault detector supports 110 to 480 VAC, on circuits to 50A, and operates on domestic and international frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz respectively. By detecting leakage current and automatically reporting it, users can take steps to remedy the problem and minimize the risk of personal injury, liability, and property damage.

The ground fault detector, like all devices in the ResilientTM product line, uses power line carrier to report information to a data logger. As such, the product does not require separate communication circuits and can be used either indoors or outdoors. The ground fault detector can function either standalone, or with other ResilientTM devices such as lighting sensors and power meters, all of which conform to the emerging IESNA ELMS (Electrical Lighting Management System) draft standard.

Multiple ground fault detectors, lighting sensors and power meters transmit their data via power line carrier to a data logger, which pre-processes the data and relays it to a server via landline, wireless or Ethernet communication media. Application software presents status information for each device to users via the Internet.

The ResilientTM system addresses the needs of large industrial and commercial customers who require better, faster and automated information to simultaneously manage energy costs and reduce operational costs. ResilientTM systems are installed in the United States, United Kingdom and Far East.

Leading Edge Telemetry designs, manufactures and sells industrial-strength status monitoring and control systems used for remote asset management. Applications of its products include lighting supervision and control, energy management, low voltage AC network monitoring, and water metering, among others. The company sells its products through distributorships in the United States and abroad.

For additional information, contact Corporate Communications at 717-336-0003 or [email protected], or visit www.letllc.com.

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