MGE Introduces New Topaz Continuous Power Conditioning Solution for Critical Computing, Industrial and Medical Systems

MGE UPS SYSTEMS, a global leader in high-availability power solutions, today introduced its new Topaz 800 power conditioners to its long standing Topaz power conditioning family.

COSTA MESA, Calif. - April 2, 2002 - MGE UPS SYSTEMS, a global leader in high-availability power solutions, today introduced its new Topaz 800 power conditioners to its long standing Topaz power conditioning family. The new Topaz 800 removes damaging electrical noise and solves quality problems that wreak havoc with sensitive medical equipment, computer and process control systems, robotic systems and machinery. The Topaz 800 power conditioners remove electrical noise and protect against sags, surges and brownouts assuring clean conditioned power for the most sensitive and demanding of applications.

The Topaz units are available in sizes from small office models to floor or wall/panel mounted industrial units ranging in power ratings from 140 VA to 25kVA. Providing high quality power with inherent surge and lightning protection, noise and bi-directional harmonic filtering as well as superior isolation, the Topaz 800 is the ideal solution for any application that can be affected by noisy or poor quality power.

In computing and medical applications, unreliable power can cause corrupted and lost data as well as premature component failure. Historically, computers have used switch mode power supplies that often introduce harmonic currents onto the power lines. If the harmonic current is high enough, it can cause overheating and premature failure of conductors and transformers. To eliminate this problem, the Topaz 800 was designed with a special high "K-Factor" transformer that is capable of handling damaging harmonics without overheating. In addition, the power conditioners prevent any transient harmonics from being reinserted back onto the power lines - preventing possible damage to building wiring.

Featuring a unique ride-through capability, the Topaz 800 units generate their output voltage through a design that operates as a powerful stored energy oscillator. This enables the units to retain very tight regulation during loss of input voltage for up to one entire cycle. Additionally, with an input waveform distortion as high as 40 percent, the output of the Topaz 800 delivers a transient-free sinewave with no more than five percent distortion.

The new Topaz models also feature Variable Range Regulation (VRR) that extends the useable input voltage window, depending on the load. The VRR provides regulated voltage under extreme brownout conditions or surges up to 200 percent.

Designed with medical equipment in mind, the Topaz models carry the UL 544 listing for medical applications. Optional factory installed hospital grade receptacles are also available.

The new power conditioners feature power factor correction, harmonic attenuation, galvanic isolation, surge protection (UL 1449 rating 330v; ANSI/IEEE C62.41-Cat B3) and transverse mode noise attenuation. The units are rated at 200,000 hours Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and boast in excess of 93 percent efficiency at full load.

Available now, the Topaz 800 power conditioners start at $325 list. In addition, the units are covered under a ten-year core and coil warranty. For more information on MGE's Topaz 800 family or its other continuous power and protection solutions, visit MGE's web site at:

About MGE:

MGE UPS SYSTEMS is a global provider of power quality solutions designed to increase the availability and uptime of any mission-critical application or process. From desktop PCs to large Data Centers and telecommunication facilities to semiconductor manufacturing plants, MGE's UPS product and service solutions are deployed around the globe.

For over 35 years, MGE UPS SYSTEMS products have been the choice of the world's largest and most demanding companies and organizations. Always ready to satisfy new needs, MGE UPS SYSTEMS together with its 37 subsidiaries, 150 sales and customer service offices and production facilities in Europe, the USA and Asia as well as two R&D centers - in Grenoble, France and Costa Mesa, California, MGE can easily meet customer expectations throughout the world.

To learn more about MGE's innovative power protection solutions, visit MGE's web site at: or call MGE at 800-523-0142.

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