New Dial-in Server Provides Advanced Email and Paging Alerts for Power Outage and Alarm Events

Electro Industries/GaugeTech introduced today the Dial-In Server add-on for Nexus Communicator 2.0 software.

Westbury, New York (July 3, 2002) - Electro Industries/GaugeTech introduced today the Dial-In Server add-on for Nexus Communicator 2.0 software.

As cutting edge as this technology is, the way it works is simple. If there is an outage or other alarm event, the remote Nexus meter in the field automatically calls the software server running on a remote PC and records the event. In turn, the Dial-up Server immediately displays both on-screen and voice alerts on its monitor while simultaneously sending out notification via email, pager or phone to the designated user(s). The DI Server also initiates downloads, logs calls and provides advanced alarming features. This software package was designed for large-scale implementation and can work with many meters, operate on up to 100 modems per PC and send emails and pages to limitless people.

Key Features Include:
Alarm and Event Notification
Outage Reporting
Email/Paging Notification
Notify Multiple Users of Remote Problem Conditions
Real Time Alarm Server Notification
Retrieval of Data Trending and Storage
Answer Remote Meters in the field
Automated Speech Output
Compatible with Nexus Series Meters

Alarm Server
The Communicator Alarm Server trends all alarm conditions, including control, power quality events, peak load conditions, relay and breaker operations and exceeded limits. Once the Communicator software determines that that there is a power related event, the alarm server screen pops up alerting the user of the following conditions via text notification, audible and speech alarms.

Dialing-In/Dial-Out Settings
The software enables the user to dial in or dials-out to notify you instantly of any changes in power or meter functions including:
CBEMA Power Quality event
High Speed Input Change
Waveform Record Capture
Filling of Meter Memory
Meter Communication Failure
Control Output Change
Cycling of Control Power
Password failure on incoming modem call
Failure of communications channel with Nexus
Email/Paging Feature

Once the software detects a call, Communicator launches the Dial-out feature, immediately alerting those designated users via email (PC, PDA, Cell Phone) and/or Pager. (Note: Multiple users can be contacted simultaneously.)

Modem Monitor
The Modem Monitor checks the PC for connected modems and monitors available modems for incoming calls. When an incoming call from a meter is detected, the Modem Monitor automatically directs the Communicator software to answer the call and process it. Modem Monitor automatically configures the server by taking an inventory of available modems and listening to dial-in commands. This eliminates complex user configuration making the system quick to set up and easy to use.

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