Component Catalog

The new EMC component catalog offers advice on international standards and approvals, along with technical specifications for a range of EMI filters, RFI suppression chokes, and feedthrough-protection components. The 256-page catalog features an introductory section covering all relevant standards and detailed explanations of key specifications and figures.
Schaffner EMC, Edison, NJ
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Surge Arresters Catalog

The new Surge Arresters and Switching Spark Gaps catalog details significant enhancements and additions to the broad line of gas-filled surge arresters. New information includes more categories of ratings, the introduction of miniature three-electrode gas tubes, an expanded line of two- and three-electrode gas tubes, and the introduction of two-electrode SMD gas tubes.
EPCOS, Martinsville, NJ
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Protective Devices Handbook

The SPD (Selecting Protective Devices) Electrical Protection Handbook is a guide for professionals who need to choose NEC-based protective devices. The 124-page book includes detailed information about circuit protection, transformer protection, overcurrents, overloads, fuses, short circuits, and more. It also features diagrams, charts, graphs, and tables.
Cooper Bussmann, Ellisville, MO
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Surge Suppression Catalog

The SELect catalog offers a line of SELect surge suppression systems that features proprietary fusing, precise current sharing, and an integrated suppression bus. The catalog also offers options like the MasterMIND remote monitoring system for real-time analysis of available protection online.
Current Technology, Irving, TX
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Switch Guide

This new 48-page guide details rockers, sealed rockers, and standard miniature rockers, plus toggle and push-button switches. In addition, it features a product selection guide to help customers select the best switch for their particular needs, as well as complete technical specs, engineering diagrams, and ordering information. A downloadable PDF file of the guide is available at
Carling Technologies, Plainville, CT
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