Distribution Panels

The UNIFLEX® series of DC distribution panels provide overload protection and low-voltage disconnect (LVD) in a single 1U-high panel. The LVD section is rated at 70A and can be connected as a battery or load disconnect. The LVD also has a battery circuit breaker with 100A capacity and an optional bypass switch.
Coral Springs, Fla.

Circle 201

Transfer Switches

The TransConnect family of transfer switches can be mounted between a meter and a building's main electrical panel. The transfer switch feeds power directly to the panel from either the utility or the generator. The family includes a retrofit version, a meter version, a non-meter version, and a circuit-interrupter subpanel. The TransConnect has built-in safety features that prevent generator backfeed into the utility power system.
PSP Product Inc.
Manassas, Va.

Circle 207

Ethernet Processor

The SEL-2701 Ethernet physical interface and protocol processor is designed to meet the demands of the electrical industry. The processor facilitates Telnet sessions, FTP download, and SCADA operations while insulating relays from network problems and changes. It includes two Ethernet connections to support a primary and standby network connection.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Pullman, Wash.

Circle 205

Clamp-on Meter

The model 502 clamp-on meter provides true rms measurements for today's non-linear environments, such as variable-speed drives and computers. The compact meter is auto-ranging and measures 400AAC, 600VAC, 600VDC, resistance, continuity, and frequency. Its jaw opening accommodates a 500 MCM cable. The meter comes with a carrying case and test leads and batteries.
AEMC Instruments
Foxborough, Mass.

Circle 200

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