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Power Quality Software AiReports 2.0 is a power quality software package that provides comprehensive reports on the status of monitored equipment. It also diagnoses PQ events and offers possible causes. You can edit AiReports using your own word processing software and save the final report in an Adobe Acrobat .PDF file format. Reports can be e-mailed using the standard .PDF format.

Electro Industries/GaugeTech, Westbury, NY

Power Meter Connection Two features have been added to the ION series energy and power quality meters: [email protected][R] e-mail messaging and WebMeter[TM] Web-browser support. With [email protected], a company's 7500 ION and 7600 ION power meters can automatically send high-priority alarm notifications or scheduled system-status updates as e-mail messages to anyone within a facility or worldwide. The WebMeter adds an onboard Web server to the meter so users can access real-time energy and basic power quality information from any popular Web browser.

Power Measurement Ltd., Saanichton, BC

Recloser The new Kyle Form 6 Recloser Control is designed for substation protection, automation, and user customization. The operating panel features a powerful front-panel programming and a user-friendly operation section. It incorporates clearly defined and guarded trip and close push buttons for intuitive operations.

Cooper Power Systems, Waukesha, WI

Automatic Transfer Switches The new 5kV 400A and 600A contactor-type automatic transfer switches are labeled and listed under UL Standard 1008. A sealed, epoxy resin enclosure houses active components, providing high-strength resistance to electromagnetic stress and superior dielectric strength. A standard SCADA control for use with any Windows operating system (including Windows 95) is available for systems control and data acquisition.

Russelectric, Hingham, MA

AC Power Distribution System A U.S. patent has been issued for the recently released TPC 2562 AC power distribution series that combines true redundant input under voltage protection, and fast switching between sources. The series accepts two AC power inputs, 120VAC or 240VAC (16A). Power input is available via two IEC 60320, C20 power inlets located on the rear.

Pulizzi Engineering, Santa Ana, CA

Braking Resistors A new complete line of fan-cooled dynamic braking resistors (DBRs) is available for specialty applications where a minimal temperature rise is a requirement. These DBRs offer low surface temperature, no heat damage to nearby equipment, no risk of injury to personnel, and extra cycle time.

Post Glover Resistors, Erlanger, KY

Remotely Programmable Power Supplies The RPGM series of power supplies features remotely programmable control by external voltage and resistance. Other features include isolated inputs and outputs for user safety, 0.2% accuracy, 3- digit LED displays, and rear-panel manual operation for special voltage needs. Easily selectable line voltages include 100VAC, 120VAC, 220VAC, and 230VAC (50/60Hz).

Protek Test & Measurement, Allendale, NJ

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