Remote Terminal Units

The SAGE 1000 series of remote terminal units (RTUs) are powered by PC-104 Intel 386 CPUs and equipped with multiple serial, ethernet, and fiber-optic communications interfaces. The SAGE 1110 is a communications RTU designed for data concentration and protocol conversion. The 1130 is a status and control RTU for use in complex distributed RTU configurations. The 1150, a distribution automation RTU, works with poletop, power quality monitoring, and distribution automation applications.
Metso Automation
Houston, Texas
Circle 200 on Reader Service Card

UPS Series

The SSG series of 500VA uninterruptible power systems features high-frequency galvanic isolation that provides protection against high-voltage transients and network-stopping common-mode noise. The SSG500 is a solid-state generator, which means it can be factory configured as a wide-range frequency converter. This configuration allows input frequencies from 45 Hz to 440 Hz while outputting controlled frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Falcon Electric
Monrovia, Calif.
Circle 202 on Reader Service Card

Battery Monitoring System

The CellSense substation battery monitoring system provides continuous measurements of all key physical and electrical parameters. These parameters are user-selectable to characterize the condition of individual cells and the entire battery system. The Web-based system accesses data from Serveron's secure Web site using any common Internet browser and updates measurements several times a day.
Bend, Ore.
Circle 203 on Reader Service Card

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