Infrared Thermometer

The Fluke 61 infrared thermometer measures electrically live, dangerously hot, rotating, or hard-to-reach objects. It features a single front button, an ergonomic design, and a laser beam. Temperature readings are continuously updated and displayed on a backlit LCD screen. The Fluke 61 has optical resolution of 8:1, and it comes with a protective holster.
Fluke Corp.
Everett, Wash.

Circle 200

Rectifier Series

The CAR rectifier series serves as a rectifier for float-charging battery applications or as a front end for distributed power. The system works in conjunction with distributed power architectures used in today's datacom, wireless, testing, and fabrication markets. It provides up to 12,000W or 8000W in an N+1 redundant configuration. It also provides up to 83A at 48V or 166A at 24V, and it operates at an input range of 180VAC to 264VAC. The series features a controller with universal power-monitoring functions and a set of alarms and indicators.
Cherokee International
Tustin, Calif.

Circle 201

Lightning System

The SkyScan 4000I is a patented lightning detection and early warning system that detects and displays lightning range data from 0 miles to 40 miles. The system sounds a 120 dBA alarm and flashes a strobe light when lightning is within 8 miles. It also sounds an all-clear signal. The SkyScan includes a lead-acid battery and an installed battery charger. Every 12 hours, the system automatically self tests the battery and verifies the circuitry, displaying test results on the front panel.
Lynscan Inc.
Sanford, Fla.

Circle 202

Monitoring System

The iS3 is a compact remote monitoring solution for telecom sites. The monitor acquires and processes real-time information and delivers alarm information and reports on the condition of equipment, batteries, DC plants, and more. With its built-in Ethernet port and dialup communications, the monitor can send information to any desktop, regardless of location. It can function as a standalone unit or part of an end-to-end monitoring system.
Multitel Inc.
Quebec City, Quebec

Circle 203

Space-Saving Array

The SRV05-4 array protects against electrostatic discharge by clamping the effects of electrical fast transients on the power bus. It's ideal for video graphic cards, 3G cellular handsets, SIMM cards, and 10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet circuits. The array combines eight low-capacitance steering diodes for up to four individual data or transmission lines (3pF per line) and one TVS diode for the power bus. SPICE model and parameters are available for circuit simulations.
ProTek Devices
Tempe, Ariz.

Circle 204


The SEL 387A relay is a current-differential and overcurrent-protection relay for two-winding transformers and other two-port electrical apparatus. The relay features flexible functions that allow it to be applied to large substation integration and automation projects. It also features a single- or dual-slope percentage differential characteristic, overcurrent protection for both sets of 3-phase current inputs, a fifth harmonic element, and a sequential events recorder. A breaker monitor keeps track of the breaker operations so maintenance can be scheduled in a timely fashion.
Schweitzer Engineering Labs
Pullman, Wash.

Circle 205

Modular UPS System

The S5K modular uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system allows users to increase VA ratings from 4kVA to 16kVA, boost run times, and add N+x parallel redundancy. Each of the standard components, including 4kVA power modules, battery modules, and system control modules, is hot-swappable. The UPS also features self-diagnostic capabilities, a variable input voltage range, an automatic internal bypass, continuous sine wave output, and power factor corrected input.
Skokie, Ill.

Circle 206

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