Power Meter

The 6200 ION 3-phase power and energy meter is 4 in. wide and 2 in. deep. It offers an upgrade path that allows users to start with a low-cost base model and add new capabilities as their requirements evolve. The meter comes in a variety of flexible configurations.
Power Measurement,
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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Portable Analyzer

The HTS-771-P2DU portable power diagnostic unit combines the features of a logically programmable electric-power data logger with a power quality analyzer. The unit enhances system troubleshooting with self-powered, high-speed status inputs. These inputs allow time-stamped event logging and/or the capture of pre- and post-event waveforms upon transition of circuit breaker auxiliaries or other dry contacts. This unit also includes optional DC mV/mA analog inputs, built-in modem, and Ethernet ports.
Hanover Technical Sales,
Battery Park, Va.
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Power Distribution Units

These new PDUs offer protection and distribution for rack-mounted telecom equipment, servers, storage, and other options. They also feature a smaller form factor, which permits mounting in a “zero-u” or “1u” configuration. Other features include: 12 output receptacles that distribute power within the rack cabinets, 16A to 40A capacity, and a limited three-year warranty.
Compaq Computer Corp.,
Houston, Texas
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Low-Horsepower Drive

The ACS 140 drive is compact and suited for industrial and HVAC applications requiring reliable, efficient motor operation. The drive responds to input signal changes in 8 ms, covers a ½ hp to 3 hp range, and features a thermal design that optimizes convection without the need for a cooling fan. The drive comes in 200VAC to 240VAC single- and 3-phase configurations or a 380VAC to 480VAC 3-phase construction.
ABB, New Berlin, Wis.
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Low-Emission Microturbines

Use these 30kW and 60kW microturbines to replace backup gensets with all-day, year-long on-site generation. The UL-listed units have one moving part, use no lubricants or coolants, and can be remotely dispatched. You can reduce external storage needs by arranging the units in up to ten 20-packs. In addition, you can use the breathable exhaust in drying processes or for water heating and absorption chilling.
Capstone Turbine Corp.,
Chatsworth, Calif.
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