Bypass Module

The PowerHandler Plus is a switchboard system bypass module designed for 3200A to 4000A applications. The unit allows engineers to service paralleled UPS systems without taking critical loads offline. It features draw-out breakers, a small footprint, and a fully rated static switch.
Invensys Powerware
Raleigh, N.C.

Circle 200

Surge Suppressor

The new model TSS Talon surge suppressor is a bidirectional, parallel-connected device designed for electrical distribution panels or other critical-load applications in facilities that may experience internally generated transients. It is an MOV-based product that is rated 40 kA of 8 × 20μs surge current for each mode of protection and provides L-N and N-G protection.
United Power Corp.
Richmond, Va.
Circle 201

Static Transfer Switch

This new 20A rack-mount digital static transfer switch adds redundancy at the point of use by providing instantaneous power transfers between two AC sources. The 120/208V two-pole system also features an integrated maintenance bypass and modbus communications capability.
Cyberex Corp.
Highland Heights, Ohio

Circle 202

Battery Backup Unit

The 50W, 48VDC Power-Shield is a battery backup and surge protection device designed for use with telecommunications equipment. The device provides 8 to 12 hrs of battery backup runtime for typical voice-capable devices. It also notifies the end user and service provider of the power supply's health and status.
American Power Conversion
West Kingston, R.I.
Circle 203

Power System Software

The ETAP PowerStation 4.0 design and analysis software for electrical power systems features five new modules: Reliability analysis, battery discharge analysis, user-defined dynamic modeling, ground-grid systems, and panel systems. These modules provide high-voltage evaluation tools; modeling capabilities for low-voltage, single-phase systems; and more.
Operation Technology
Lake Forest, Calif.

Circle 204

Battery Charge Controller

The charge control device (CCD-100) is designed to regulate standby battery charging for improved battery performance and lifespan. The device offers temperature-compensated voltage regulation for 12V monobloc batteries, and it does not interfere with post-discharge equalization/recharge cycles.
Willowbrook, Ill.

Circle 205

VRLA Batteries

The Unigy high-rate series of absorbed, VRLA batteries are designed for high-rate UPS systems. The 12V monobloc batteries are housed in reinforced cases constructed of polyproylene or flame-retardant plastic. They also feature absorbed glass-mat construction with Hovosorb® separators, tank-formed plates, and self-sealing vents.
East Penn Manufacturing Co.
Lyon Station, Pa.

Circle 206

Surge Protection Devices

The PLUGTRAB PT series of DIN-rail mount surge protection devices protects up to four signal lines or two data lines in less than ¾ in. of rail space. The devices divert surge voltage and current away from I/O and data cards. They feature a plug-gable design, an automated testing device, and more than 10 kA of surge current handling capacity.
Phoenix Contact
Harrisburg, Pa.

Circle 207

Ground Resistance Meter

The Sterling 2301 clamp-on ground resistance meter attaches to ground conductors or rods up to 45 × 32 mm with single-hand operation and reads resistance with 0.01 ohm resolution. The meter also measures leakage current and features 99 memory settings, three calibration loops, an audible alarm, and a hard carrying case.
Duncan Instruments
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Circle 208

Engine Control System

The Engenius engine system manager (ESM) puts gas compression and distributed generation operators in complete control of their engines, regardless of engine locations. The solid-state device monitors speed, pressure, temperature, and other engine conditions; controls ignition timing, speed governing, and stop/start functions; and provides diagnostic help and fault logging when requested.
Waukesha Engine
Waukesha, Wis.

Circle 209

Automatic Transfer Switches

The ZTS-MV series of automatic transfer switches includes a NEMA- and ANSI/IEEE-compliant switching system designed to handle loads in the 5kV to 15kV range. The switches include dual electric interlocks, an integrated microprocessor-based control module, power and control module isolation, source availability indication, and a NEMA 1 enclosure with front and rear accessibility.
GE Zenith Controls
Chicago, Ill.

Circle 210

Rotary UPS

The STARSINE advanced rotary UPS provides up to 12 sec of batteryless ride-through during power-line disturbances and short-term outages. The unit's induction motor operates in conjunction with a surge limiting line reactor, an electronics control package, a low-speed flywheel, an engine, and a generator clutch. Models' ratings range from 315kVA to 2.2 MVA with nominal input voltages of 480VAC or 4160VAC.
SatCon Power Systems
Anaheim, Calif.

Circle 211

Surge Suppression Module

The two-piece ASSM offers overvoltage protection for single-phase equipment. The unit, which features a status alert module and consumes ¾ in. of DIN-rail space, comes in 120VAC and 230VAC versions.
Acme Electric Corp.
Lumberton, N.C.

Circle 212


These 30kW and 60kW microturbines are the first products in a new turbine generator line. The air-cooled units, which require no coolants or lubricants, feature digital controls and sound-attenuated, all-aluminum housing for quiet operation and environmental protection.
Cummins Power Generation
Minneapolis, Minn.

Circle 213

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