Wall-Mount Surge Protectors

You can install this line of panelmount surge protection devices (SPDs) at AC electrical service entrances, branch panels, or near critical equipment to protect facilities from damage caused by externally generated power surges and spikes, including lightning. The SPDs use thermal disconnect methodology and feature surge capacity ratings from 40 kA to 160 kA per phase.
American Power Conversion, West Kingston, RI
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Frequency Hour Meter

The Model T51 is a miniature dual-voltage (90V to 240V), dual-frequency (50 Hz to 60 Hz) hour meter, suitable for any AC-powered equipment. All components are housed in a weatherproof sealed enclosure, which is UL, CSA, and CE recognized. Accuracy is better than 50.02% over the entire range. Operating temperature range is 1407F to +1857 F. The meter is available in three styles for panel mounting or back-panel installation.
ENM, Chicago, IL
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Power Meter

The Integra 1000 power meter monitors, controls, and displays electrical power functions in tandem with RS 485 communications and connections to SCADA, PLCs, building management systems, and other applications. The meter comes in three standard ANSI case configurations: a self-contained piece, a two-part version with shallow-depth display and remote transducer, or a blind version with no display. It also features three LED displays with four digits per line for measuring 23 customer-selectable rms electrical values. The Integra 1000 does all math calculations except for voltage and current transformer ratios, which require simple data entry when applicable.
Crompton Instruments, Kennesaw, GA
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Power Distribution Unit

The new Integrated Power Distribution (IPD) unit (with built-in surge protection) replaces unprotected distribution panels and duplex boxes in bidirectional amplifiers, repeaters, and remote site equipment. The unit has 90 kA of surge capacity, two NEMA 5-15 GFCI receptacles, and two IEC cords. The IPD is available for both 120V and 220V applications.
Atlantic Scientific Corp., W. Melbourne, FL
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Voltage Suppressor Diode

The AX4 is an axial-leaded, high-current transient voltage suppressor diode contained in a molded epoxy case. You can use the product, which was specifically designed for AC line protection, in almost any application where the current reaches high levels. It features a low clamping voltage, sharp breakdown voltage, and low slope resistance. With a current rating of 6,000A (8 2 20 pulse), the AX4 comes in three nominal breakdown voltages — 65V, 200V, and 220V. The diode has a maximum clamping voltage of 330V and is UL-approved.
Sussex Semiconductor, Ft. Myers, FL
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Surge Suppressors

The SLT series of transient voltage surge suppressors is designed for standard low-speed data (25 MHz maximum), communication, and signal-line protocols. The series features multistage hybrid circuits with high-speed silicon avalanche diodes, maximum 12-circuit single-line protection, and standard clamping voltages between 7.5V and 220V. The units operate in a wide temperature range and can be configured for many specific EIA protocols.
Meter Treater, Lake Park, FL
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Dry AC Capacitors

The new AC-rated capacitors with totally dry construction eliminate leakage. They are rated for operation from 155°C to +70°C, and capacitance changes no more than 52% from 140°C to +75°C. This protection system is UL810 approved for 10,000A fault-current protection.
Cornell Dubilier, New Bedford, MA
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Surge Protection Device

As the latest addition to the line of CRITEC surge protection devices, the SEP offers service entrance primary protection. The SEP's complete instrumentation and diagnostics panel allows the user to fully monitor the operating status of all equipment. Other features include a splash-proof modular design and an audible alarm that provides a backup warning to the status indication. Interlocked safety disconnects eliminate downtime by allowing SPD maintenance without the need to remove facility power, and a five-segment LED status indicator monitors the integrity of the internal protection for each mode displaying available percentage capacity. The SEP has service life equivalent to 400 kA 8/2 µs per line.
ERICO, Solon, OH
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25W Power Supply Series

The PW150 Universal 25W power supply series features 100VAC to 250VAC universal input in an IEC320-C8 (nongrounded) configuration. The desktop-style series weighs about 8 oz and features an internal primary fuse current, inrush limiting, and low output ripple. To help reduce product design-to-production cycle time, the CE-compliant PW150 meets safety agency requirements, including TUV/IEC950, UL 1950 and C UL. The foldback overcurrent and short circuit features ensure output protection. Transient output response is 0.5 ms for 50% load change. Holdup time is 18 ms at 120VAC and 100 ms at 240VAC. The series comes in 12V, 15V, 16V, and 24V output models. Custom designs are available.
Ault, Minneapolis, MN
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