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The CANBus series of varistors are designed for the electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection needs of the automotive market. The varistors provide bidirectional ESD protection, EMI attenuation, and sub-nanosecond response time. The surface-mountable devices can handle high inrush currents of 4A (8×20μS) and a FIT rate of 0.1 failures (per billion hours). They feature transient energy ratings of 0.015 J, a working voltage range of up to 18V, and a capacitance value of 22pF at 1 kHz.
AVX Corp.
Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Circle 200

Monitoring System

The Advanced Distributed Monitoring System (AD MS) Version 2 for wind farms provides an autopilot for programmed supervisory shutdown based on site conditions. It also monitors the status of aircraft obstruction lights and notifies operators when bulb outages occur. Version 2 includes the Supervisor and Project Analyst features, as well as an onsite control and monitoring package.
Second Wind Inc.
Somerville, Mass.

Circle 201

Static Voltage Regulator

The medium-voltage static voltage regulator (MV-SVR) provides compensation for utility sag events within ¼ to ½ cycle of detection. The system is capable of boosting load voltages from as low as 55% of nominal during sags caused by faults on the utility distribution grid or transmission system. Offered in ratings from 100A to 1200A and system voltages of 3.3kV to 34.5kV at 50 Hz/60 Hz, the regulator operates with 99.3% efficiency.
SatCon Power Systems
Anaheim, Calif.

Circle 202

Advanced Power System

The Advanced Power System (APS) combines power generation, conditioning, and energy storage to isolate critical loads from power disturbances and outages. It's also designed to minimize field installation and operational requirements. This self-contained, plug-and-play system features integrated controls that continually monitor incoming power sources and ensure uninterrupted service when power becomes unstable.
GE Digital Energy
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Circle 203

Voltage Tester

The Model 61-063 non-contact voltage tester is a comfortable handheld tool that helps electricians locate breaks along live, insulated wires and detect power prior to service in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The pen-sized tester, which features a cushioned, ergonomic grip, detects the presence of AC voltage from 40V to 600V and alerts the user though an audible signal and an illuminated LED indicator.
IDEAL Industries
Sycamore, Ill.

Circle 204

Circuit Monitor

The Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) gives site engineers the ability to monitor the electrical current usage of each individual branch circuit. The monitoring can be part of an onsite system using Mod-Bus RTU protocol, or it can be remotely accessed via the Internet. Each module monitors and provides data for up to 84 branch breakers. The scalable system also allows for predictable maintenance through real-time readings of current usage. The BCMS complies with UL 1950, UL 67, and NFPA 70.
Power Distribution Inc.
Richmond, Va.

Circle 205

Product CD-ROM

The Power Quality APTitude (application product training) is available on CD-ROM. The APTitude serves as a resource library for distributors, allowing them access to technical information on Leviton's power quality products. A resource section of the CD-ROM contains online help, a spec-sheet menu, a power quality catalog, and a power quality learning lab.
Leviton Manufacturing Co.
Little Neck, N.Y.

Circle 206


The Topaz S4 inverter is a scalable N+1 DC/AC inverter system. It increases the reliability and availability of AC power systems for mission-critical telecom and data applications. The -48VDC inverter offers paralleled synchronized operation, and it uses redundant, hot-swappable power modules within a rack-mountable receiver cabinet. It also features user-selectable voltages and frequencies for greater flexibility.
MGE UPS Systems
Costa Mesa, Calif.

Circle 207

Power Correction System

The Square D® ACCUSINE® power correction system (PCS) increases uptime and reliability and reduces maintenance costs, problematic harmonic levels, voltage fluctuations, and visible flickering. It features active harmonic filtering to improve power quality and reliability, and it also decreases harmonic-related overheating of transformers, cables, and switchgear. The PCS filters up to the 50th harmonic and, depending on the installation point, it can filter an entire network or specific loads.
Square D/Schneider Electric
Palatine, Ill.

Circle 208

Air Distribution Unit

The NetworkAIR RM air distribution unit gives IT, telecom, and facility managers the ability to increase airflow inside racks and enclosures. The unit works in tandem with an existing air-conditioning system to pull air from beneath a raised floor directly into the rack enclosure before it mixes with room air. The dual-fan unit also works to eliminate hot spots by boosting the conditioned air volume within the rack itself, and it improves air delivery in poor static pressure areas.
American Power Conversion
West Kingston, R.I.

Circle 209

Metal-Oxide Varistors

This enhanced line of thermally protected metal-oxide varistors (TPMOVs) were developed with high surge-energy capacity and the ability to self-protect against steady-state overvoltages. The varistors, which feature built-in visual and remote indicators, offer thermal protection with no fault current level limitations. They are rated to withstand 40 kA of 8/20 μs surge current with maximum continuing operating voltage ratings from 150VAC to 600VAC.
Ferraz Shawmut
Newburyport, Mass.

Circle 210

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