Data Acquisition System

The WE7000 combines the functions of a digital oscilloscope, function generator, high-speed digitizer, temperature recorder, and counter into one portable PC-configurable system. The unit can measure thermocouples at 0.01% accuracy, sample data up to 100MS/sec, and provide a 10MHz programmable output or any combination of the three.
Yokogawa Corp., Newnan, GA
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Distribution-Class Switch

The Kearney Sidebuster Type M-Force Switch is a distribution-class sidebreak switch with reverse loop contacts that use high-current magnetic forces. The contacts on the M-Force switch were adapted from KPF/Kearney transmission switches. The switch provides upgradability, flexibility, reduced size, and ice-breaking capability.
Cooper Power Systems, Waukesha, WI
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TD-750 software for ProEase CASP models is a data-logging system that allows for easy battery parameter table manipulation. The software provides complete data logging for each battery serviced and maintains detailed records of every task performed. You can view, edit, and save tables to a diskette, database file, or ASCII file on any PC running Windows 95, 98, or NT.
Christie, Waco, TX
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DC/DC Converter

The SQ series quarter brick DC/DC converter has a six-sided metal shield that prevents EMI, eliminating the need for ferrite beads or other EMI/RFI filtering devices. Delivering 20A with high efficiency (90% at 5V), the shield also acts as a heat-dissipating medium.
Broadband TelCom Power, Santa Ana, CA
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Bypass/Isolation Switch

RTB and RTBD combination automatic transfer-bypass/isolation switches are available in single- and two-source configurations for loads up to 4000A. For loads up to 3000A, the bypass/isolation switch is located above the transfer switch—reducing the unit's footprint by almost 50% compared with side-by-side designs.
Russelectric, Hingham, MA
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The PowerWorks microturbine features a versatile design that generates electricity for base consumption or peak shaving and provides heat for other applications, such as hot water. You also can integrate the microturbine into mechanical-drive applications, such as compressed air, refrigeration, and air-conditioning equipment.
Ingersoll-Rand, Woodcliff Lake, NJ
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Dual-Well Fixture

A new Dual-Well Fixture for use in high-volume testing of power supplies allows one unit to be tested while the other is replaced. The combination of Intepro 9000 ATE and PowerStar 5 software reduces production test times for DC-DC converters.
Schaffner EMC, Elmhurst, IL
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Trigger Boards

The MVTB-6 can drive up to six SCRs independently. Applications include 3-phase medium-voltage (2400VAC) sub-cycle AC transfer switches, 2400VAC 3-phase motor soft-starts, large 6-pulse power supplies, and circuits designed with parallel or redundant devices. The unit has six outputs with fiber optic firing command inputs and individually isolated transformers.
Enerpro, Goleta, CA
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