Resistive Load Bank

The Freedom load bank is a portable, high-capacity unit that simulates electrical loads. The compact model provides resistive loading up to 105kW continuous at 480VAC, 3-phase, and 60 Hz. It features horizontal air discharge, continuously supported resistor elements, digital metering, and an aluminized steel enclosure.
Avtron Manufacturing
Cleveland, Ohio

Circle 200

Battery Charger

The SR series of high-voltage battery chargers now includes the 110V/124V, 750W module. The compact unit features precise voltage and current controls, a wide input voltage window, output current limiting, thermal protection, and overvoltage protection. Options include an 2RU mount for 19-in. racks, rear connections, an LCD voltage and current meter, and MCBs.
Schaefer Inc.
Ashland, Mass.

Circle 201

Surge Suppressor

The Rayvoss TVSS, with STRIKESORB technology, protects equipment from AC surges. Instead of traditional MOV and SAD technology, the Rayvoss contains one large MOV that is encased in cylindrical aluminum housing. This design prevents MOV disintegration, eliminates the need for fuses, and keeps the unit from catching fire or exploding. The TVSS is maintenance free, with an expected operational life span of more than 20 years.
Tyco Electronics Power Sys.
Mesquite, Texas

Circle 202

Power Module

The TRS series of front-end power modules produces up to 2500W of DC power at 24V, 28V, or 48V. Each hot-swappable module features input power factor correction, a Class B EMI input filter, overload and short-circuit protection, and remote sensing. A ball-bearing fan cools each module. You can build or integrate a module into any system using a 19-in., 2U-high companion rack that holds three units.
Coral Springs, Fla.

Circle 203

Network Protector

The CM52 network protector is designed to handle ratings from 800A to 6200A and from 216V to 600V. The unit requires no adjustments and features color-coded wiring, a front-accessible test switch, and a voltage regulator drive with built-in diagnostics. It also contains a four-position, draw-out, dead-front circuit breaker for quick, safe testing.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Circle 204


The Pulsar Evolution family of UPSs is designed to protect rack-optimized servers, storage systems, and Internet equipment from damaging and costly power disruptions. The 1U-high unit comes in power ratings of 500VA, 800VA, and 1100VA. The Evolution can produce a sine wave output, plus voltage correction and wide input voltage tolerances. Advanced features include data-line surge protection and a cold-start capability.
MGE UPS Systems
Costa Mesa, Calif.

Circle 205

Power Manager

The Security One uninterruptible power manager (UPM) is designed to protect equipment at medical facilities and hospitals from power outages, surges, and associated noise. The UPM comes in five sizes: 350VA, 500VA, 800VA, 1100VA, and 1440VA. In addition, two North American versions and an international version are available — all fully isolated and power conditioned. Security One can be privately labeled for OEM applications.
Powervar Inc.
Waukegan, Ill.

Circle 206

Power Supply Protector

The MAINS-PLUGTRAB is a DIN-rail mountable, 120V power supply protector for AC equipment, such as PLCs and PCs. It consists of a hard-wired base with an NC remote contact and a removable plug with an LED status indicator. Power to equipment remains uninterrupted, regardless of plug status or replacement.
Phoenix Contact
Harrisburg, Pa.

Circle 207

Recloser Control

The PowerMAX 130 single-phase recloser control permits single-phase trips and three-phase lockouts from one central location. It features microprocessor-based controls that include a trip test button, an external lockout indicator, a control padlock, and 120VAC or 240VAC control voltage. The controls also provide data recording flexibility for the 20 most recent events.
Joslyn Hi-Voltage
Cleveland, Ohio

Circle 208

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