Energy Meter

The portable ELITEpro energy meter acquires up to four channels of current (0A to 6000A) and three channels of voltage (zero to 600VAC or VDC). It also measures watts, volt-amperes, volt-ampere reactives, and power factor. The meter stores up to 100,000 records and displays voltage, current, waveforms, and harmonics. It is UL-listed, capable of remote data acquisition, and available in a NEMA 4 enclosure.
Pacific Science & Technology Bend, Ore.
Circle 207

UPS with Cooling System

The UNIBLOCK-RW is a rotary uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a self-contained liquid air-cooling system. The RW module connects to a facility's chilled water system and circulates liquid-cooled air internally. No additional electrical supply is needed for the cooler. The system is ideal for small or containerized UPS rooms or facilities operating in high ambient temperatures or heavily polluted environments.
Middletown, N.Y
Circle 206

Telecom Power System

The MCS-3000 telecom power system has 1200A of power (at +24 or -48VDC) in less than 39 in. of rack space. The system also features hot-swappable rectifier modules that allow replacement without powering down systems, plus automatic load sharing and current limiting. The MCS-3000 is UL-listed and Class B compliant with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) .
Delta Telecom Power
Research Triangle Park, N.C
Circle 210

Modular Power System

This modular power system (MPS) combines two to five smaller diesel gensets in side-by-side parallel arrangements for applications ranging from 800kW to 2MW. Users can operate the modular generators singly or in concert with each other. The system also features load-shed capability and automatic standby paralleling. With the MPS, users can implement n + 1 redundancy at a lower acquisition cost.
Generac Power Systems
Waukesha, Wis
Circle 200

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