Power Solutions

Powerware integrates a full line of UPSs, power management software, service and site support to increase enterprise-wide systems availability. These products are used in LANs, WANs, colocation facilities, corporate and Internet data centers, and industrial manufacturing.

8609 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone: 919-872-3020 Fax: 919-870-3450
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site:
Booth: 707 Circle 163

Impedograph - PQ Monitoring

The IMPEDOGRAPH is a three phase Power Quality monitoring instrument specifically designed to comply with the latest International PQ standards and recommendations. The instrument stores detailed diagnostic data with each PQ event like wave shapes with pre and post data and it maintains all relevant phase information throughout the recording session. The phase and diagnostic information is then used to accurately calculate dip, flicker and harmonic emissions in certain network configurations. The IMPEDOGRAPH is Internet enabled allowing data to be accessed via the WEB. A network of instruments can be synchronized relative to each other or absolutely to a GPS time source via the GPS time synchronization port.

Measurlogic Inc.
2220 Chambers Rd, #J
Aurora, CO, 80011
Phone: 303-364-4368 Fax: 425-799-4780
Web site:
Booth: 600 Circle 162

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