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U.S. States with the Most Power Outages

March 9, 2021
The state with the most frequent outages may surprise you.

Whether caused by a natural disaster or an electrical mishap, power outages are inconvenient and sometimes even dangerous for those affected by them. But exactly where are power outages most common in the United States?

MRO Electric, an independent factory automation distributor based in Cary, N.C., recently analyzed electrical reliability data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration to get a better look at the frequency and duration of power outages across the US. Following is some of what they found: 

  • Maine has the most frequent outages in the United States with an average of 3.9 outages per customer each year. Washington, D.C., has the least frequent outages with an average of just 0.7 annually. 
  • Florida is home to the longest outages in the nation, with an average of 14.6 hr of electrical downtime per customer each year. Maine is close behind with 14.1 hr annually. 
  • Major events (like hurricanes and blizzards) largely attribute to these high stats. Maine experienced 150% longer downtimes when considering these major events, while Florida experienced 580% more.

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