Basler Announces Power Control and Protection Conference Course Agenda

Basler Electric has released its 49th Annual Power Control and Protection Conference course agenda. In an effort to improve the learning experience, the product demonstrations have been enhanced with new products and/or new technology. Each day of the course, which will run Oct. 6-10, one of the demos will be incorporated into and presented with the applicable paper, combining theory and concepts with the application of the products. The balance of the demonstrations will be done at Basler’s Highland, Ill., headquarters, in conjunction with a plant tour.

The conference provides both an excellent overview and in-depth look at controlling and protecting power generation systems. Presentations, case studies, and demonstrations supply details on applying Genset Controllers, Automatic Voltage Regulators, Excitation Systems, Multifunction Protection Systems, and easy-to-use BESTCOMSPlus software. For more information about the conference, to download the agenda, or to register, visit

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