Impulse testing of power magnetics reactors

Tests products above their actual design voltages Protects against harmful switching or other transients Testing level equates to a true ‘acid test’

Power Magnetics, Inc. has announced its completion of an industry-standard impulse test, whose certified results achieving 169kV BIL, validate the reliability of the company’s design and construction methods for building iron core harmonic filter reactors. 

This capability allows engineers to test products above their actual design voltages, thus providing a heightened reactorssafety margin to protect against harmful switching or other transients, such as lightning. 

“The issue driving the need for such reliable performance,” said David Leis, the firm’s national sales manager, “is the destructive nature of the harmonics that can occur on electrical and electronic components. The result can be higher losses, undue heating, and accelerated end of-life and failure that is sometimes catastrophic. Basically, this testing level equates to a true ‘acid test’ to determine full system capability with confidence and minimized risk. For engineers and end-users alike, it’s a meaningful advantage.”

Studies conducted by an international power company, and verified by third-party laboratories, have demonstrated that harmonics can also be the source of excessive power consumption. This means that electric motors won’t run efficiently due to compromised power levels, and performance can be off by as much as 12% to 17% in some applications.

Power Magnetics Inc.

For more information, visit the company website.

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