Low-Peak Upgrade Program for Circuit Protection

Low-Peak Upgrade Program for Circuit Protection

The program couples fuse circuit protection solutions from Eaton with the company’s knowledge of simplifying inventory and reducing costs.

Eaton has introduced the new Bussmann Low-Peak Upgrade program. The program couples the company's fuse circuit protection solutions with their knowledge of simplifying inventory and reducing costs.

The Low-Peak Upgrade Program is a complimentary service and is focused on generating customized inventory consolidation recommendations. Eaton’s team first conducts a full audit of the customer’s fuse inventory. This audit collects all necessary data to be analyzed (part number, description, manufacturer, quantity on hand and bin location). Next, they take the data gathered during this audit and conduct a thorough analysis, which generates an inventory and consolidation summary report. The report includes SKU reduction recommendations and estimated savings, a recommended inventory list and a quote for the purchase of new Low-Peak fuses.

Should customers wish to purchase fuses recommended by the audit and analysis, Eaton provides environmentally friendly disposal of old inventory and a training module so that customers can implement a seamless transition of circuit protection products.

To learn more about the new Low-Peak Upgrade Program, please visit www.cooperbussmann.com/lowpeakupgrade.

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