Kohler Power Systems 1420kW 3phase generator

3-phase generator

Runs on natural gas or liquid propane Can be remotely monitored Corrosion-resistant enclosure impact-tested to -30°F

The 14/20kW air-cooled, 3-phase generator is a space-saving alternative to traditional liquid-cooled, 3-phase models. Powered by a commercial-grade engine designed for harsh weather conditions and heavy use, the generator starts up within 10 sec. of an outage and can power major systems and appliances in a small business, including: HVAC, lights, security systems, computers, cash registers, coolers, and more. The company’s PowerBoost technology provides the necessary power to start large electrical loads without dropping other circuits or systems as they cycle on and off. In addition, the product runs on natural gas or liquid propane, can be remotely monitored from a computer, tablet or smartphone, and features a corrosion-resistant enclosure impact-tested to -30°F.

Kohler Power Systems

For more information, visit the company website.

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