Riello Master HP UL 3phase UPS

3-phase UPS

Designed for 65kVA to 250kVA applications IGBT and digital signal processing Smart Grid ready

The Master HP UL is a UL-listed, 3-phase UPS for 65kVA to 250kVA applications. Built entirely with IGBT and digital signal processing (DSP), the UPS features online double-conversion technology. In addition, these 480V, 60-Hz units can be run in parallel or for redundant operations. Smart Grid ready, features include an IGBT-based rectifier for a high input power factor of .99 and low current distortion of less than 3%, as well as a power walk-in function that ensures progressive rectifier start-up.  An output isolation transformer ensures the galvanic isolation of the protected load towards the battery and improved versatility in system configuration, allowing two separate network inputs (main and emergency) from two different power sources. 


For more information, visit the company website.

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