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900-lumen package

900-lumen package

A 900-lumen package and WarmDim technology has been added to the 6-in Generation 3 retrofit LED downlight and eyeball trim. Equipped with the same features as the 600-lumen version, the new 900-lumen J6RLG3 and J6RLEG3 series are suitable for applications with increased ceiling heights or for areas that require more light. The 900-lumen retrofit trims are available in both downlight and eyeball trim styles as well as multiple color temperatures, including 2,700K, 3,000K, 3,500K and 4,100K. The WarmDim feature emulates the natural warmth and ambiance of incandescent dimming, taking the LED retrofit color temperature from the full lumen output of 3,000K to 2,000K. It also provides users with added energy efficiency, using just 14W.

Juno Lighting Group

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