Eaton Cooper Wiring AFCI duplex receptacles

AFCI duplex receptacles

Protect against arc faults at both the breaker and receptacle level Ground termination with backwire clamp Tri-combo head terminal and mounting screw

These AFCI receptacles protect against arc faults at both the breaker and receptacle level, making them suitable for residential and light commercial applications. The receptacles are designed to protect all downstream wire and appliances from parallel and series arcs, as well as series arcs upstream in the home run. Features include ground termination with backwire clamp for securing wiring and reduced installation time, line side terminals that are backed out and staked for fast installation, and tri-combo head terminal and mounting screw. When downstream receptacles are wired from the load side, a 20A feed-through rating offers full protection.

Eaton’s Cooper Wiring

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