PowerZone 4 arcresistant lowvoltage switchgear

Arc-resistant low-voltage switchgear

Featuring ArcBlok technology, Power-Zone 4 arc-resistant low-voltage offers a rating of 100kA at 635VAC for a full 500 msec.

Power-Zone 4 arc-resistant low-voltage switchgear meets UL 1558 and the IEEE/ ANSI C37.20.7 with Type 2B arc-resistant rating, providing arc flash protection at the front, back, and sides while the instrument compartment door is open. This design protects personnel around the perimeter of the switchgear by redirecting and channeling the arc energy out the top of the switchgear. Designed with ArcBlok technology, which features Masterpact NW power circuit breakers, the switchgear offers a rating of 100kA at 635VAC for a full 500 msec in accordance with IEEE C37.20.7.

Schneider Electric

For more information, visit www.schneider-electric.com.

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